Our Faculty


Candace Kalwajtys 

Artistic Director & Head Coach

Certified Instructor

Acrobatic Arts | Acro Dance Teacher Association (ADTA)

ADA Hand Balancing | Alixa Flexibility 

NCCP Artistic Gymnastics Foundations | Active Start

Candace has always had a true passion for the performing arts.

Her love for gymnastics and dance started at the age of three after the first time she performed on stage, ran off, and said, “Can I do that again?”


As her gymnastics journey moved into competitive levels, Candace was fortunate to attend the Victoria School of Performing Arts, which allowed her to grow and be part a variety of arts training.  Her commitment to dance and performing on the stage led her to decide it was time to dedicate her life to the arts. Thoroughly studying the disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap and Musical Theatre, Candace travelled and worked with top choreographers around North America and received many awards and scholarships throughout her training.  Having the opportunity to train longer hours and under the instruction of some of Edmonton's most influential instructors Candace developed a strong appreciation and understanding for the art form through the knowledge and passion that has been passed down to her. 



With over a decade of experience as a dance and acrobatic educator, choreographer and coach in the community, Candace is driven to challenge herself to continue to grow and develop her teaching methods through continuous education and training 


- - - Candace’s goal is to share her passion and knowledge with all her students and to offer them opportunities to achieve their own personal success.  


Cheri Berg 

Owner/Business Director

Member of Dance Safe Alberta

Cheri is a mother of three active athletes. She has been a dance mom, soccer mom, hockey/goalie mom, wrestling mom, track and field mom, and more. She understands the demands on dedicated sport athletes and their families. She is familiar with sport specific training, the importance of cross training, nutrition, and the need for balance across all aspects of sport and life.

Her desire is to help meet all the needs of our VDC athletes. She looks forward to enhancing and supporting the vibrant dance community in and around Edmonton, and helping our dancers and athletes of all levels achieve their goals and dreams.

Cheri is an air traffic controller and will strive to provide the same dedication and precision to the care and training of the dancers at VDC that she has provided to countless pilots and passengers over the past twenty-five years.